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Younger Members are defined by age 35 or younger. Of course we welcome anyone still young at heart to attend our events! To learn more about National ASCE Younger members visit the website for the Committee for Younger Members.

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If you are a dues-paying member of the Maryland Section of ASCE, and you are 35 years old or younger, you are automatically an official member of our Younger Member Group! You will start to receive our newsletters, and you get discounted pricing on any of our paid events (and all the other benefits below). 

If you're not a member of the Maryland Section, feel free to still sign up for our newsletter here, or attend any events that interest you. Especially for those within the National Capital Section, you may work or live close to one of our events and we'd love to have you!


Students join for FREE! Once you're a student member of one of Maryland's Student Chapters, you also automatically become an official member of our Younger Member Group! Upon graduation, you'll have free ASCE Professional membership for up to 18 months. Click here for all about Student Membership and Benefits

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The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is an international organization. When you become a member, you get to choose the Section you want to join (Maryland). We highly encourage becoming a member. Some of our favorite membership benefits include:

While you're deciding to become a paid member...come to our events, follow us on social media, and sign up for our newsletter to see what we're really all about. 

When you're ready to Join ASCE, you can see all member benefits here and sign up to become a member:

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How to ask your employer for money for ASCE:

Most of our active members successfully receive reimbursements from their employer! Employers want you to advertise their company, network, recruit new employees or attract new business. Employers appreciate you being an active part of an industry society outside of work, and they typically reimburse for membership dues, event fees, and conference registration costs. Besides financial reimbursement, some employers will let you bill time for ASCE events or board meetings, for example. 

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